About us

Dear Visitor,

My name is Adri Harcziné and I breed these beautiful dogs together with my husband. Our very first dog came to us from one of the best kennels in 2011. At that time we did not know that we should start breeding or keep her as a pet. Since we did not have too much freetime because we both worked we decided that she stays alone. Finally, we fell in love with the puppy and determined to become „breeder”.

Both me and my husband changed in our jobs, so we have more time to spend on our dogs. Our puppy named Lencsi became a friendly and playful adult with a fantastic golden sable, silky hair.

Why the Havanese?

Both of us love animals but mainly dogs. That’s why we were looking for a breed which is cuddleable, well trainable and even able for big walks. (A little sweet fur of ball which I saw in one of my friend’s lap decisively influenced my choice.)

Our goal is breeding healthy and high quality puppies so others also can experience that joy and love what these little creatures can provide.

I would like to thank Pappné Kati and his husband who are the owners of Királyerdei –Bársony Kennel that much help and encouragement that launched us on our journey.

Adri & Pisti